5 Indian Navy mountaineers were trapped by avalanche in Uttarakhand


Indian Navy mountaineers are trapped in an avalanche in Uttarakhand following an avalanche in the vicinity of Mount Trishul on Friday.

Five out of ten mountaineers are safe and search and rescue operations are underway for the remaining five. Mountaineers were rescued by five out of ten armed forces, as well as the SDRF, while searches and rescue procedures were underway.

On September 3, the Navy announced that an expedition of 20 members had left Mumbai. This morning, ten climbers began their climb to the summit but were caught in an avalanche short of the summit.

The report said five out of 10 mountaineers are safe and that the remaining five are being searched for. “The Indian military and air force are coordinating all efforts for Search and Rescue (SAR),” said the Navy.

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