Austin and Shammi wrapped together for a whole Day


Austin and Shammi wrapped together for a whole Day

Austin and Shammi wrapped together for a whole Day

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Austin and Shammi wrapped together for a whole Day so stay with us Think what would happen if you were wrapped up with your friend for a whole day how would you feel would you enjoy it or it would be a waste of your time or maybe it would be boring for you.

Let us tell you what happens when two friends are wrapped together for the whole day. To know about this, we will tell you about the day when Shammi did exactly the same thing. So it was only a matter of time before Austin finally agreed to work with Shammi. Shammi was pleased about it but wanted to trial Austin before hiring him to see whether a good bonding was made between them or bad.

Austin finds this strange thing, but he agrees to it, maybe he also wanted to try it or he wanted that job. After Austin says yes, Shammi and Austin are wrapped together and a short time later both of them urinate together as they are wrapped up and that is so disgusting and funny at the same time.

But this is just the beginning, now Shammi and Austin have to do a lot of things together when both of them leave the house to go out, Shammi is farting and Austin feels very messy. but Austin also has a compulsion He can’t get away from Shammi for the whole day.

Austin and Shammi wrap up together and go to the restaurant

After this, Shammi goes to the shopping center to buy shoes, but when Shammi and Austin try to sit in the car, both of them have a lot of trouble. But after some sort of struggle, in the end, both reach the shopping center. Some people in the shopping center were looking at Shammi and Austin strangely, while some were having fun.

Once it happened that the security guards came to Shammi and started asking him to leave. But when Shammi tries to escape from them, even the guards laughed at him. The guards let Shammi go after that Shammi goes to the shoe shop and everyone laughs at Shammi and Austin for their getup.

Teamwork had to be done to wear Shammi and Austin’s shoes and seeing all this, the people working at the shoe shop were also entertained. After buying the shoes, Shammi and Austin go-to bowling and you can imagine how they must have bowled. Shammi and Austin fall more often than the bowling pin while playing the game.

After this Shammi and Austin go to some other places like saloons, grocery shopping, and restaurant to eat but the most fun of all is the restaurant. When both of them go there and go to the counter to order food for themselves, first Shammi orders and for Austin, Shammi turns back and Austin places the order and when the shopkeeper asks Austin to pay the bill, Austin turns around.

Then Shammi has to pay the bill Austin plays a good trick with Shammi. If you want to watch this scene properly, then the video is given below, you can enjoy it.

Why Guards want to stop Shammi

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