Austin hide in the bushes to escape the police


Austin hide in the bushes to escape the police who came because of the race

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Austin hide in the bushes to escape the police who came because of the race so stay with us and with this we start today’s blog Inside this blog There is a race between G Wagon and Jeep SRT, now it has to be seen why this race happens and who wins, and what is the reward for winning.

So the blog starts with the same that when Shammi goes to the red chicken to eat something, Blakey teases him that he always comes second, to which Shammi says that if this is the case then let’s have a race, let’s see. Who wins? Blakey also agrees to this, Shammi bets Blakey $500 for the race, and then Shammi and everyone else go to the road outside the city for the race.

They’ve got a nice straight strip of the road so they’re going to be able to race the G Wagon and the G STR, unfortunately, it’s a bit narrow, so they don’t drive them right next to each other, so they’re all one works. They make a starting line and a finish line and drive their cars one by one and stopwatch to see who crosses the finish line first.

That’s not the only problem on that road. It’s narrow as well as a bit of traffic, so there’s no problem with the race, so Austin and everyone else takes the phone and stands on the road to the finishing and starting line. So that they can tell each other whether a car is coming towards them or not, when no car is coming from either side then the race will be started.

Finally, the race starts, and first, it’s G STR’s turn and G STR reaches the finish line in just 13.75, after that, it’s Shammi’s car turn to G wagon and Shammi gets a little nervous before driving the car. and 3,2,1 Shammi drives his car very fast his car reaches the finish line very fast in just 13.71 seconds.

And with this, Shammi wins 500 dollars but what happens after that was not expected at all, over there the police come, and Shammi and everyone else gets a successful escape. But in a hurry, the poor Austin stays there and Austin has to hide in the bushes in order to escape. This scene was really funny.

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