Austin takes his revenge on Shammi


Austin takes his revenge on Shammi

Shammi getting angry with Austin

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Austin takes his revenge on Shammi so stay with us Today in this blog we will talk about Austin, and how he took revenge on Shammi. So before starting the blog, I want to remind you that Austin had a back injury and the doctor told Austin to take bed rest.

So now we don’t have to worry because as Austin told us he will be fine in two weeks now it seems he was right as now his condition is much better than before. Now he can walk comfortably instead of resting on the bed Hats off to Austin for getting well so soon. Shammi was playing tennis on his tennis court and Austin was watching Shammi’s game.

Austin says that Shammi has his own tennis court and Shammi is not able to play a single ball well. Which was true, Shammi was playing really badly. Shammi also roasts Austin, giving him a challenge and the challenge is if Austin jumps over the net of the tennis court, then he will get 100 dollars from Shammi.

Shammi knew that Austin would not be able to do this because of his back injury, that is why he gave this challenge to Austin. Seeing all this, Seeing all this Austin tells josh that Shammi has not the slightest sympathy for me in his heart.

Austin takes his revenge on Shammi

Austin further tells that Shammi is roasting me instead of showing sympathy. Due to all these reasons, Austin thinks of taking revenge on Shammi by doing a prank. Austin takes Josh’s help to prank him because he can’t do it himself because of his injury. When Josh agrees to help, Austin tells Josh his plan to mix slime and water in a bucket And then will throw that mixture on Shammi.

Josh does the same thing as Austin tells Josh, after that when everything is ready, Austin throws the mixture on Shammi’s head from the roof. Shammi is annoyed by this but he doesn’t say anything to Austin as he is injured. And this is how Austin takes his revenge on Shammi. Shammi may not have liked it, but Austin had a lot of fun doing it.

and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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