Austin tries to vomit in Josh’s car


Austin tries to vomit in Josh’s car

Austin tries to vomit in Josh's car

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Austin tries to vomit in Josh’s car so stay with us Inside this blog Today’s blog will be very funny Because in this blog we will talk about a funny dream coming to Shammi and about Shammi’s new game named Slip and Slide Tug of War.

So first let’s start with Shammi’s dream, Shammi tells that last night he had a dream in which he was playing Premier League and now he is sitting here on a rainy day which is freezing his ass. Shammi tells that it was his debut in the Premier League and he did not feel that it was a dream, he was very nervous in his dream, and everything seemed real to him inside the dream.

And now that he has woken up, he feels bad thinking that it was just a dream, Shammi further explains that it is such that I was on the top a while back and now straight on the ground. After this, Shammi, Dim, and Austin all have a Rock Pepper scissor that has Austin’s every, and Austin has to eat a customized full-size burger. This burger was very big somehow Austin eats it but after a while, he vomits.

Dim and Paulie Slip and Slide Playing Tug of War

At first, he tries to vomit in Josh’s car, but Josh somehow stops him from doing it, and then Austin vomits outside. After all this, Shammi shows us his hammock, Shammi says that it can handle up to 4000 kg of weight and it is made for 15 people. Seeing this Dim (a friend of Shammi) asks Shammi how much it cost to get it built, to which Shammi says 16 grand, this shows Shammi has spent a lot on it.

And it’s worth it, that hammock really looked good. Finally, now the time has come for Slip and Slide Tug of War so Shammi takes a tarp and puts soap on it so that it becomes slippery. After this Dim and Paulie are tied with a rope, so the game is that Dim and Paulie have to run to their respective sides.

Both sides have 500 dollars in cash, whoever takes 500 dollars from his side will win. It’s really fun watching this game Dim and Paulie both give tough competition to each other but in the end, Dim wins. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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