Austin’s hand started bleeding because of Shammi’s trick


Austin’s hand started bleeding because of Shammi’s trick

Austin's hand started bleeding because of Shammi's trick

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Austin’s hand started bleeding because of Shammi’s trick so stay with us Inside this blog Trick and treat is a game that we have played at some point of time in our life, this game is one of the few fun games in the world. So in today’s blog, Shammi also plays this game, now it is to be seen how Shammi plays with it. To play this game, Shammi takes a card, on one side of which is written Trick, and on the other side, it is written Treat. So the game is very simple, you flip the card if it lands on a Treat you get the treat if it lands on a trick you get the trick.

Shammi first goes to Austin to play this game and asks him to play this game to which Austin says yes and plays the game. Before the game starts, Shammi explains that if the treat comes, Austin will get a packet of snacks, but if the trick comes, Austin will have to juggle pinned tennis balls.

Austin flips the card and prays that he gets a treat, but unfortunately, Austin gets the trick. So Austin has to perform the trick. Austin picks up the pinned tennis balls and juggles, that Pin was very sharp, due to which there is slight bleeding in Austin’s hand, but still, Austin completes his trick.

After Austin, Shammi goes to jane with death sauce and Toblerone chocolate and Jane flips the card and gets a treat Jane tells that he was very nervous about the trick but he was lucky that he got the treat. After Jane, it is now Andy’s turn and Andy also gets a treat, after that Shammi takes a pumpkin and a pack of Allen’s lollies.

Shammi destroys Josh’s Testicles by Pumpkin

Shammi destroys Josh's Testicles by Pumpkin

Shammi doesn’t get anyone else to play this game, So he asks Josh to play this game, who was making a video of this game at that time, Josh gets shocked after hearing this and Josh says how can I play, I am filming. On this Austin says Josh don’t worry, you play, I do this work for you.

Then Josh flips the card and Josh also gets a treat, this shows one thing so many people played this game, everyone got the treat, but only Austin got the trick, Seeing all this, I’m thinking how bad Austin’s luck is. And if you think that there is nothing like this, then let me tell you, after this Shammi plays this game himself and he also gets the treat.

Because no one was getting the trick, Shammi says that we will flip it till the trick comes and after Josh and Shammi flip for the second time, Josh gets the trick in the third turn. Inside the trick, Josh sits in the center of the halfpipe stretching his legs and Shammi goes to the top of the halfpipe and drops that pumpkin in the middle of Josh’s legs. What would have happened after that I don’t think I need to tell.

After Shammi hurts Josh’s testicles, Shammi goes to his friend Blakey. Blakey flips the card and gets a treat as everyone else. Now I feel bad for Austin. After blakey, Shammi again goes to Andy and this time Andy’s luck is not as good as before, this time Andy gets a trick in which Andy has to put the mousetrap on his ear.

Shammi asks Andy do you like this game, Andy says no at all, and when so many people have already played this game then how can you leave Paulie. Shammi takes hair dye and Toblerone to Paulie Paulie flips the card and Paulie gets the trick and Paulie has to dye his hair And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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