Drive-thru staff girl gets angry with Shammi


Drive-thru staff girl gets angry with Shammi

Drive-thru staff girl gets angry with Shammi

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Drive-thru staff girl gets angry with Shammi so stay with us Today we are going to talk about a challenge that blackey has created. So in this challenge, all you have to do is that whenever you order food, you have to say what’s that.

You can play this challenge wherever you order food, in a restaurant, or drive-thru. Whoever says what’s that more times will win. Along with this, there is also a rule that after saying what’s that once, you will have to wait for at least three seconds to say what’s that for the second time.

Blackey, Austin, Jaden, and Shammi play this challenge in which it is blackey’s first turn. Blackey himself created this challenge, so Blackey does not have much problem playing it. He Uses What’s That 16 Times When Ordering. Everyone gets nervous seeing blackey’s performance blackey played really well.

This is where the challenge starts to be more fun

Blackey, Austin, Jaden, and Shammi play the Drive-thru challenge

It is Austin’s turn next and Austin is very nervous. Austin tries his best but being nervous, he uses what was that instead of what’s that. Because of this Austin’s score is only 2 because he says what’s that only two times. After this comes Jayden’s turn, Jayden talks very well while ordering.

Jayden uses what’s that 20 times and with this, he breaks blackey’s record. And the most interesting thing is that Jayden talked for so long without paying money. Yes, you read right, Jayden does not have money at that time to order, yet Jayden talked for so long. Finally, it is the turn of our amazing prankster Shammi, now this challenge became more difficult for Shammi.

Because Jayden had made a new record but Shammi also showed why people call him the best YouTuber. Shammi makes the staff angry while ordering, but the advantage is that. Shammi talks so long that he uses what’s that 26 times.

And one more thing Shammi also talks like Jayden for so long without money and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

Shammi plays the interesting childhood game

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