Game of chicken


Game of chicken

Shammi and Blakey after jumping in the river with a toy cycle

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled  Game of chicken so stay with us The day begins and Shammi tells that it has rained the whole night due to which the water level of the river in the backyard of their house has increased. Shammi further explains that due to the rain, the park near his house has also been flooded.

Shammi has a plan, he thinks of a way to have an adventure by going to that park. Shammi thinks of using a toy cycle to have fun and further explains how he will use the toy cycle, he explains that he and Blakey will come down a slope and then go straight into the water with a bicycle.

Before leaving, Shammi does rope pranks with the people on the road, in which one side Shammi and one side Shammi’s friends stand up and show the people going on the road as if they are holding a rope but they have in reality No rope was holding and people thought there was a rope so they stopped their car this is my favorite prank Shammi also enjoy a lot doing this prank.

Shammi and Blakey during skimboarding

After this, Shammi and Blackey first do some stunts by taking a bicycle and after that, they do an adventure as they had planned. Blackey and Shammi entertain the people who come there a lot with their fun. After jumping into the water with their toy bicycle, Shammi and Blakey go skimboarding. Shammi first tests the water-filled ground by running over it.

And the way Shammi tests the ground, you all will laugh a lot, I too laughed a lot. And your laughter will not stop at this, after that you will have amazed after seeing blakey’s skimboarding. One more thing don’t forget to watch the game of chicken, we are giving the link to the video below.

Before leaving his old house, Shammi plays one last game

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