How Josh fractured his leg


How Josh fractured his leg

Josh fractured his leg due to a stunt on a skateboard

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled How Josh fractured his leg so stay with us In this blog, we will get to know how Shammi played cricket with Coca-Cola and Mentos as well as How Josh fractured his leg. First Shammi goes to the skate park to make a video with Coca Cola and Mentos Shammi says that he saw some videos in which people were using Coca Cola and Mentos.

So Shammi thinks that he will go to the top of the halfpipe and pour Mentos into the Coca-Cola bottle and throw the bottle so that it falls directly into the center of the halfpipe and explodes. Before climbing to the top of the halfpipe, Shammi asks Josh to perform a stunt in which Josh has to climb down the stairs leading to the top of the halfpipe with the help of a skateboard.

After listening to the stunt, Josh says yes, but before Josh does the stunt, Shammi tells us that when Josh did the stunt with a skateboard last time, he had an accident and had surgery on his leg. After this, some funny things happen between Shammi and Josh and by now Josh has also understood that Shammi was just joking about the stunt with him.

After talking with enthusiasm, Shammi goes to the top of the halfpipe and pours Mentos into the Coca-Cola bottle, and throws it at the center of the halfpipe. And as Shammi thought, it happens that there is an explosion in the bottle and the bottle goes very high straight into the air.

Shammi pouring Mentos into a Coca-Cola bottle

Shammi enjoys doing this and Jayden also enjoys it with Shammi. After having fun for a while, Shammi talks about playing cricket with Coca-Cola. Shammi uses Coca-Cola filled with Mentos as a ball, after which when Shammi reaches the cricket field, he tells that he has never played cricket in his life. After this, the game of cricket starts and after bowling the first ball, Shammi understands that the Coca-Cola bottle will not explode well on the grass, so he goes to the concrete place to play the remaining game.

Shammi enjoys playing cricket very much, everyone enjoys it, and the game ends when all bottles are finished. after this Shammi picks up all the bottles used for this video and throws them in the dustbin so that the dirt does not spread in the park.

And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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