Islamic nations Qatar Pakistan Turkey Promoted Boycott India Campaign


The Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan (QTPi) nexus with the blessings of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is becoming the new hub for radical Islamists. A new report by Disinfolab says the MB, laced with fake news and two media weapons, Al Jazeera and TRT World, launched a campaign against India –- targeting New Delhi’s economic interests.

What was the novel this time was a number of ‘news articles’ also promoted this trend, albeit in their own style, mostly connected with the MB, including the Al Jazeera.
The target seemed India, but the actual target was Saudi Arabia. The campaign was essentially targeting Saudi and the UAE, and particularly Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, for keeping a good relation with India.

This was not a one-off campaign, and the QTPi Nexus has been targeting Saudi and UAE, questioning their ‘right’ to be the leader of the Islamic world.
The idea is obvious – by discrediting Mohammed bin Salman, the new ‘Prince’ of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would be crowned as the rightful leader of Ummah.

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood, Arabic al-Ikhwān al- Muslimūn, religiopolitical organization founded in 1928 at Ismailia, Egypt, by Hassan al-Banna. Islamist in orientation, it advocated a return to the Qurʾān and the Hadith as guidelines for a healthy modern Islamic society. The Brotherhood spread rapidly throughout Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and North Africa.

In late April 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood founded a political party called the Freedom and Justice Party and applied for official recognition from the Egyptian interim government. Leaders of the Freedom and Justice Party stated that the party’s policies would be grounded in Islamic principles

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