jack sparrow goes to the court and Austin becomes a beautiful girl


jack sparrow goes to the court and Austin becomes a beautiful girl

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled jack sparrow goes to the court and Austin becomes a beautiful girl so stay with us and with this we start today’s blog. Inside this blog, there is a fight between Austin and Dim in which they both have to find clues one after the other, and whoever finds the hidden treasure first will become the next Jack Sparrow.

Now Shammi is Jack Sparrow and he is the one who has hidden the treasure, so now it remains to be seen who will be the next Jack Sparrow between Austin and Dim. So their first clue is the envelope in Shammi’s hand, but before taking the envelope, a task has to be done to take selfies with strangers, only then they will get this envelope.

Both our pirates (Austin and Dim) can do this task very easily, after which they open the envelope and start reading it. And it says that first, they have to test their drinking skills and find Oasis to finish Mega Pine. After finding the clue, the two pirates set out to find the next clue, which will require them to seek out the Oasis. Austin searches for Dim after they find him, then they finish their Mega Pine.

Then, they find the next clue that says Find Your Worth in Wool and Chips, which Dim has a hard time finding, but Austin easily understands that he has to go to the Woolworths store. After arriving there, Austin goes to Chips to find Clue and gets his clue. After a while, Dim also reaches the store and finds his clue.

By now both the pirates had found their third clue, and now it is their turn to read the clue, the clue is written down the coordinates with which they had to reach their final clue. Both the pirates find it very difficult to tune into the next clue, but in the end, they both find the clue that reads NERGOA CABEH OLEWT, yes I know it’s very odd but it’s a clue.

You also think about what this could be, let me help you a little, CABEH is the beach, now you search ahead.CABEH is the beach, Austin knows this but OLEWT is a towel, Dim first finds out about it, then both reach the beach and take the last clue from the towel and read it. It reads 10 Steps North East – 5 Meters North West – 25 Steps East – 2 Meters South East -10 Steps South West and 15 Steps West.

After this, both of them start searching for the treasure and after working hard for a long time, Dim finds the treasure and becomes the next Captain Jack Sparrow. Austin’s reaction was worth watching. Austin was ahead of Dim in every clue, but Dim won in the end. And yes, finally, don’t forget to see Jack Sparrow going to court and Austin coming up as a girl I’m still laughing about him.

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