Jackson Doherty – Prankster vs Strongman


Jackson Doherty – Prankster vs Strongman

Jackson Doherty  Prankster vs Strongman

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Jackson Doherty  Prankster vs Strongman so stay with us I hope you all must have heard the name of Jackson Doherty, he is a prankster and YouTuber just like Shammi. He makes very good videos for his fans and he has done a lot of work with Shammi too.

Today we will talk about Jackson Doherty, recently Jackson went to meet Larry Wheels with his friend Kristen If you’re wondering why Jackson went to Larry Wheels, it’s because Jackson wants a strong man competition with Larry.

So let’s see what happens when Jackson and Larry meet. When Jackson and Kristen arrive, Larry warmly welcomes them. Larry Wheels tells Jackson that you and Kristen on one side and I alone on one side, we will complete the challenge like this.

Then Jackson, Kristen, and Larry Warm up and get ready to compete After warming up, Jackson exercises with a log bar. So now the warm-up is over, now it’s time to compete, on one side is the strong man Larry Wheels and on the other side is a prankster Jackson with his Buddy Kristen.

Jackson Doherty and Kristen lifting a Log Bar Together

So in this challenge, the log bar has to be lifted which weighs 120 kg in pounds is 264, Jackson and Kristen have to lift this weight together and Larry has to do it alone. The challenge begins and as usual, Larry lifts the weight with ease, it is a matter of shock that Jackson and Kristen together cannot lift that log even once.

But friends, as we know that Jackson is not a powerlifter, he is a prankster and he does this work very well, Jackson’s pranks are very funny. Indeed, Jackson brings a smile to many faces, if you also like Jackson’s fun and jokes, then share it with your friends. and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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