Jayden hit Shammi and fractured his eye


Jayden hit Shammi and fractured his eye

Jayden hit Shammi and fractured his eye

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Jayden hit Shammi and fractured his eye so stay with us In this blog You must have seen Shammi many times while partying but have you ever wondered what happens after partying? If you have never thought like this or have never paid attention to this thing, but today you want to know.

How does Shammi spend his next day after having a lot of fun at the party? If you want to know then keep reading this blog in which we have brought Shammi’s after-party experience Shammi cleans his house very well every Sunday and Shammi does not like this at all but he is compelled because it is necessary to do it.

Shammi was very tired, seeing him, it seems as if he has no energy at all. And it is really strange to see Shammi like this because most of us have seen Shammi energetic. But what can Shammi do in this, it happens to everyone Even after being so tired, we still get to see a small bread fight between Shammi and Jayden.

Shammi is praying to God

In which Jayden hits bread on Shammi’s eye but his eye is not fractured, so there is nothing to panic about. This was Shammi’s after-party experience which was not so exciting but it is also a part of Shammi’s life. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

You must have seen many challenges and experiments of your Shammi, but have you ever seen a successful experiment of Shammi, if not, then go ahead and see what was that experiment and on whom Shammi did this experiment.

Shammi Experiment went wrong

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