Jayden wraps Shammi’s G Wagon with his half-naked pics


Jayden wraps Shammi’s G Wagon with his half-naked pics

Shammi G Wagon Wrapping with jayden photos

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Jayden wraps Shammi’s G Wagon with his half-naked pics so stay with us and with this we start today’s blog. You must have always seen Shammi doing Pranks with others, but this time Shammi will be pranked and this time his own brother will prank Shammi. So the day begins with Jayden telling us that Shammi has gone out for a walk and he has the keys to Shammi’s car G Wagon.

And he wants to do a prank on Shammi’s car by wrapping it with his photo. After this, Jayden does his photoshoot to get it installed on G Wagon and after the photoshoot is done, Jayden goes to Steve and Justin the next day who are the owners of Exclusive Wraps. Going there, Steve and Justin start wrapping the car, while wrapping, Steve said that no one has come before him with such a demand, Jayden is the first such customer.

After waiting for a while, Shammi’s G Wagon is wrapped with Jayden’s photo Jayden likes this work very much, he says that if you also want to wrap your car, then you too can come to Exclusive Wraps. Then he brings the car to the house and waits for Shammi, Jayden tells that he is very scared about Shammi’s reaction, but whatever happens, he always wants to do this type of prank with Shammi.

Shammi's reaction to his G Wagon Wrapping with jayden photos

Finally, the time comes when Shammi returns from his journey and when he comes home and sees his car for the first time, his mood breaks down. Shammi at first thinks that this is just a sticker, which will be easily missed but Jayden tells that this is not a sticker, it is a professional wrap. Shammi gets a little angry at first and says you should not have done this with my car, but then later forgives Jayden as well, Shammi liked the prank.

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