North Korea Tests-fired New Hypersonic Missile Hwasong-8


North Korea Tests Hypersonic Missile Hwasong -8

North Korea said on Sunday the United Nations Security Council applied double standards over military activities among U.N. member states, state media KCNA said, amid international criticism over its recent missile tests.

The Council met behind closed doors on Friday upon requests from the United States and other countries over the North’s missile launches.

o Chol Su, director of the North Korean foreign ministry’s Department of International Organisations, said the Security Council meeting means an “open ignorance of and wanton encroachment” on its sovereignty and “serious intolerable provocation.” Jo accused the Council of double standards as it remains silent about U.S. joint military exercises and weapons tests with allies while taking issue with the North’s “self-defensive” activities.

North Korea threatens top UN body after emergency meet

“This is a denial of impartiality, objectivity and equilibrium, lifelines of the U.N. activities, and an evident manifestation of double-dealing standard,” Jo said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

Jo warned the council could face consequences if it continues to breach the North’s sovereignty “with the double-dealing stick” and rely on “the U.S.-style brigandish way of thinking and judgment.”

The tests underscored how the reclusive state has been constantly developing increasingly sophisticated weapons, raising the stakes for stalled talks aimed at dismantling its nuclear and missile programs in return for U.S. sanctions relief.

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