Paulie put a fish in Austin’s underwear while fishing


Paulie put a fish in Austin’s underwear while fishing

Blakey and Paulie at the Train station

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Paulie put a fish in Austin’s underwear while fishing so stay with us with this we start today’s blog The day begins by telling us that Shammi is going on a new boys’ trip with his friends, including Blakey, Austin, Paulie, and josh. Shammi tells us that he did a challenge on the tennis court earlier.

In which Shammi competes with Blakey and Austin competes with Paulie in which Austin and Shammi win. So because of this Paulie and blakey have to go by train and Austin and Shammi go by van. Blake and Paulie try to pretend they don’t mind getting on the train, but Austin and Shammi understand that they are doing this to fool them.

After this Shammi drops them at the station and tells them that they will meet them at the destination at 1 o’clock. During the journey, Shammi tells them that his girlfriend will kill him if he comes to know that I am going on Boy’s Trip again. Shammi says this because he recently went on a boy’s trip and now he is going again.

Shammi caught a fish

Shammi and Austin arrive at the station and see Paulie and Blake but they are nowhere to be found at the station. After a while, when they go out of the station and see, they meet both of them in the restaurant. Shammi reached there half an hour late. After this everyone first goes to the hotel and secondly they all go to the sea by boat for fishing. After coming a little inside the sea, all of them catch fish.

Everyone catches fish easily except Austin but in the end, Austin also catches a fish even though it was a little weird. While Austin’s focus is on fishing, Paulie comes from behind and puts a fish in Austin’s underwear. Austin is immediately alerted, so the fish is completely unable to get into the underwear. Austin also annoys blakey by tickling him from behind while he is fishing.

Everyone has a lot of fun at this fishing party and you can also share your fishing experience with us by commenting below. How did you like this blog, do tell us by commenting below, and click on the link given below to get more similar blogs. thank you

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