Shammi and his girlfriend fell in the middle of the water


Shammi and his girlfriend fell in the middle of the water

Shammi making a raft for himself and his girlfriend

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi and his girlfriend fell in the middle of the water so stay with us Inside this blog, we will talk about how Shammi got the idea to make his own raft and how he made it. It begins with a hilarious joke between Shammi and his girlfriend, in which Shammi jokingly says that he wants a boat.

To which Shammi’s girlfriend says why don’t we make a boat for ourselves, Shammi likes this idea. But Shammi thinks of making a raft instead of a boat because it is easy. After this, Shammi along with his girlfriend goes to the market to get materials for making rafts, where they take wooden blocks and waterproof duct tape. Shammi buys all the items but when he takes them to his car.

Then they realize that these wooden blocks are not going to come easily in their car. But luckily all the stuff comes in the car, there is some problem but the work gets done. And yes one more thing, before buying stuff to make a raft, Shammi sees a pee on their floor and Shammi finds out with his special technique that it is a dog’s urine.

And that special technique is to see it by licking it, yes you heard it right, Shammi did the same to find out who it is. Shammi is really crazy, he always surprises us, however now let’s talk about the raft. So after bringing all the stuff home, Shammi and his girlfriend make the raft together, they take 2 days to make this raft.

Shammi and his girlfriend fell in the middle of the water

But in the end, after a lot of hard work, he saw that he made his raft. Now it is the turn to put it in the water for which it has been made, Shammi and Shammi’s friends try to do this work together. They would grab the raft from different sides and his plan is that he will drop the raft into the water on the count of three.

But Shammi’s friend messes up and the raft falls down the wrong way due to which the raft turns upside down in the water. After this, after a lot of trouble, Shammi straightens his raft, and he and his girlfriend ride on it. But then a problem comes, it is that everything is going well for a while but when they take the raft to the middle of the water.

So he learns that the balance of his raft is not right and this is confirmed when Shammi’s raft turns upside down and he and his girlfriend fall into the water. After which both of them come to the shore after swimming. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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