Shammi and Jayden challenge each other


Shammi and Jayden challenge each other


All of you are welcome to this new blog titled Shammi and Jayden challenge each other so stay with us In today’s blog, we will know why Shammi competes with his brother Jayden and when there is a competition between these two, then who wins? Shammi tells that from the comments of his audience, he came to know that some people say Jayden is a better person, and some people say I am a better person.

So friends, let us know which of these two brothers is a better person for this Shammi and Jayden will be competing with each other to see who is the better person. Shammi and Jayden play a lot of games to find out who is better among them.

Some of these games were very funny and some were very easy the first game played between Shammi and Jayden was Rock Paper scissors in which Shammi wins with this Shammi got 1 point and Jayden got 0.

After Rock Paper Scissors, Shammi tells Josh that now he will tell them which game we have to play. So Josh asks to play table tennis in which the one who scores three points first will win. Jayden wins in this game, Shammi is not able to score a single point and now the score is one each.

After this, Josh gives the next challenge that they will be given a cup of hot water and they will have to drink this, the one who drinks sooner will win which Jayden wins. And now the score is Jayden’s 2 points and Shammi’s 1 point.

Shammi and Jayden After burning their mouth with hot water, Josh asks Shammi and Jayden to make a paper plane in the next game, after which they will fly their own plane, and Whose plane goes the farthest will win. The funny thing was that Jayden did not know how to make a plane from paper, but Shammi knew how to make a plane.


So when the challenge starts, Jayden was copying Shammi, seeing how he is making the plane, but when Shammi comes to know about this, he does not make the plane in front of Jayden. Jayden had made the plane himself and Shammi had also made the plane and now it was the turn to test both the planes, whose plane goes the farthest. Both planes have seen piloting and Shammi’s plane defeats Jayden’s plane as it travels farther.

And now after this, the score has become equal again, and both of them have two points. In Josh’s next challenge, Shammi and Jayden have to race with a toy cycle. Shammi tries to cheat in this race, but in the end, Jayden wins in the race. After this there are other games that Shammi and Jayden play, they are also very fun before the blog ends.

Let me make one thing clear to all of you all these games that Shammi and Jayden are playing, all these are playing Shammi just for your entertainment, in fact, who is better, it does not matter. Shammi and Jayden both are good people.

If you want to know about other challenges as well, then you can enjoy those challenges in the video given below. and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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