Shammi Australia Day Challenge – Time for fun


How Shammi perform in Australia Day Challenge

As we all know, Shammi keeps doing some challenges with his friends. So Shammi did the same challenge for Australia Day. There were 2 teams in this challenge and each team had 2 players. Shammi’s team had Austin. Inside this challenge, they set up a slip and slide. how is this going to work is two teams of two they gonna race it down the table.

They got four options meat pie, chewy, time tam, and a tub of vegemite. so the first team to complete all four options wins the challenge and then that only leaves the losing team to have to finish off this tub of vegemite.

It was fun to watch this challenge, both the teams did the challenge very well but in the end, Shammi and Austin won, And it was decided that the team which loses will have to eat a tub of vegemite that team. So the losses team had to do and it was very difficult to eat from him.

Shammi Hot wings Chalenge

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