Shammi did skydiving and block andy


Shammi did skydiving and blocked andy Let’s find out why Shammi blocked andy

You are all welcome in our new blog. In this blog you will get to see a lot of entertainment and adventure, so stay with us. In this blog, Shammi goes skydiving with his friends. Let us know in detail what Shammi does on that day. So before this blog of Shammi, it starts with a clip of some vlog in which Shammi’s friend Andy says that if 1500 comments come on this blog then he will go skydiving.

And guess what 1500 comments were made on the blog so Shammmi then goes to Andy to remind him of what he had said. But differently, Shammi decides that we will not talk about skydiving before Andy and bring him with us by saying that we are shooting a new vlog. While shooting the blog, we will tell him that we have brought him here for skydiving.

After that, the same thing happens, Shammi, Andy and everyone else reach the skydiving place. And now it’s time to tell Andy the truth about why all of them have come here. Hearing the truth, Andy’s condition worsens due to fear. Andy was not ready to accept that he would now have to go skydiving.

So he tries to run away from them but everyone else catches her and tries to convince her. But Andy throws a lot of tantrums after which Shammi convinces him more. After that, at first, it seems that Andy has agreed to go skydiving. But in reality, Andy is a bastard of numbers when everything starts to happen and Andy refuses to go, because of this everyone blocks him on social media to see his anger on him.

Then Shammi first apologizes to the viewer that he could not convince Andy to go skydiving but it doesn’t matter, after that Shammi, Austin, and everyone else go skydiving.

It is really fun to do skydiving, seeing them, this thing was known. Everyone has a lot of fun, after that when everyone was going back, Shammi tells that now there are about 6000 comments on that video. So he goes to the mall to donate $6000 and Shammi does it because he couldn’t convince Andy.

It was Andy’s fault in this, but still, Shammi apologizes and goes to donate, this thing about Shammi separates him from the rest of the people, Shammi is a very good person in reality. And I am saying this because earlier I was going through a very bad time, I was very depressed, I had given up all hope, then I watched some videos of Shammi and I really liked that some people are making their own life so good.

The way I live, I also got the motivation to make my life better and if you also believe in the same way and you also like Shammi’s blog. So share this blog with your friends and to support us click on the link given below for our other blog, thank you.

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