Shammi buy a boat for party purposes


Shammi buy a boat for party purposes

Shammi buy a boat for party purposes

All of you are welcome to this new blog titled Shammi buy a boat for party purposes so stay with us and with this we start today’s blog. So the day begins with the boat’s parking space while walking on which everyone thinks that they have all come for some other work, but then Shammi tells everyone that he has come here to buy a boat.

Shammi tells us why is he buying the boat Shammi replies that he saw some ads on Facebook and when he clicked on one of them, for the last 2 weeks he is only seeing ads for the boat. But seeing so many advertisements made me want to buy a boat.

They then find a guy who tells them about a great deal. When Shammi tells him that he wants a boat, he tells that he can take the boat on stock if you want. Shammi likes this idea, he tells that he is not going to use the boat every day.

So if he buys 20% shares of the boat, then he will use the boat once in 6 months. Everyone else likes this idea too. When Shammi and everyone else go to see the boat, it rains, so they leave asking the name of the boat and they tell that they will talk further by visiting the boat’s website.

Shammi drive go kart

After this, everyone goes to Kingston Park for a race and while leaving, Shammi drops Austin in the bushes. Austin says that Shammi has hurt his hand so now he has to drive with one hand.

On this Shammi tells that Austin is lying, he tells us we were out one night and he thought he was tough so he punched a brick wall and then turns out he’s not so tough. On this, everyone else says that Austin always makes excuses like this, what do you all think, you can tell us by commenting below.

We also want to know what you think about this, everyone starts the race ahead and it is really fun to watch the race. In the middle of the race, Dim makes a mess. Dim hit his car on the boundary on the side due to which his car gets stuck and he makes Shammi stop, thereby ruining Shammi’s best lap.

At the end of the race, Shammi gives the trophy to everyone who came first, second, and third. So at number three comes Blackeye, Paulie at number two, and finally Austin at number one. And after that, the Improvement award goes to Dim.

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