Shammi crashed Into a Tree


Shammi crashed Into a Tree

After Shammi crashed Into a Tree

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi crashed Into a Tree so stay with us In this blog, Shammi plays a Tin pin bowling game, For those who do not know about this game, let me tell them that this is not an official game. Shammi made this game for himself. Although Shammi plays this game like a bowling game, In this the person playing instead of the ball will have to hit the pin. and instead of the pins, a tin dustbin has been used.

Shammi goes to a small hill to play this game, Shammi first takes ten tin dustbins and puts them under the hill like a bowling pin, after that he goes to the top of the hill and from there he Comes downstairs in a toy car. The game is that you have to come down the hill in the toy car and hit the Tin pin, the one who drops the most pins will win, for dropping one pin, you will get one point, and the total is ten pins.

Two teams are made to play the game, the first team consists of Shammi and Austin and the second team has Marty and Michael. The game starts with Austin and Austin plays very well and he drops all the ten Tin pins. After this comes Michael from the other team and he also gets the strike, which means he also dropped ten tin pins.

And till now the score was equal between the two teams, after this, it is Shammi’s turn and everything was going well, but when Shammi hits the tin pin, then Shammi’s toy car turns to the left and Shammi directly hits the tree.

Shammi gets hurt in his leg, Shammi tells that he feels as if his foot is jammed from inside after this Shammi treatment his foot with ice. Shammi gets nine points because Shammi dropped the nine tin pins, After Shammi’s turn, everyone is advised not to hit the tree, Then it’s Marty’s turn and Marty drops the tin pin without getting hurt and Marty gets seven points.

Shammi crashed Into a Tree

With this, the first round ends, and Shammi and Austin have 19 points and Marty and Michael have 17 points. Now the second round starts and in this also Austin gets 10 points like in the first round, similarly, Michael also gets 10 points as before. When Michael was coming down the hill, Shammi is ready to wear a big punching glove on his hand and as soon as Michael reaches down, Shammi gives a hit his face.

Michael finds it hurt but it was also funny to see as in the first round, Shammi gets hurt in his leg due to which Shammi was having trouble walking, then Austin makes Shammi sit on his back till the top of the hill It’s called team spirit. In the second round, Shammi gets 8 points and Marty gets 10 points so far 37 points get both teams tied due to equal scores for both.

Because there is a tie between the two teams, so now there will be the last round in which the best players of both teams will come and in this round, the thing to do is to push the Tin pins have to reach as far as possible. Austin goes from Shammi’s team and Michael from Marty’s team and Michael win the last round.

In the punishment of defeat, Shammi and Austin have to eat the same punch that Shammi hit Michael using big punching gloves. and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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