Shammi did a dangerous stunt in Nitro Circus


Shammi did a dangerous stunt in Nitro Circus

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi did a dangerous stunt in Nitro Circus so stay with us with this we start today’s blog The day begins by pouring water on the face of the sleeping person. Austin does this work, earlier he intended to do this on Shammi but Shammi is already up. That’s why this method doesn’t work on him, then he does it with blakey and the strange thing is that blakey likes it.

After this Austin asks Shammi if he wants to swim, to which Shammi’s answer is yes, then everyone goes to the beach for a swim. Before swimming, Shammi tells us that we have been invited by Nitro Circus, so we do not have much time but we can have some fun in the water.

After having fun on the beach, everyone reaches Nitro Circus, where Shammi meets a friend who wants to do stunts professionally after that Shammi has some talk with him and he tells Shammi that you too take part in it. At first, Shammi gets excited and says yes to it, but after that when Shammi sees what he has to do, then he realizes how dangerous it is.

Although Shammi does not feel like doing all this because it is very risky, Shammi had earlier said yes to it, so he cannot back down from it now. So Shammi prepares for this, understands what he has to do and how to do it, after that he does a little practice. After a while, Nitro Circus starts and we get to see some amazing stunts One of the stunt performers is Shammi’s friend, and seeing him makes Shammi feel a little better.

Finally, it’s Shammi’s turn and Shammi is ready to perform the stunts. Shammi finishes the stunts. The stunts go well and Shammi tells that his heartbeat is still fast but what he experienced today, it must be done once in a lifetime. they must have enjoyed it.

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