Shammi did a drinking challenge


Shammi did a drinking challenge

Shammi plays a drinking game named Chandelier and if you are wondering how to play this game. so this is the way Once Chandelier is set up, one player should nominate themselves to go first. Next, they will take a Ping Pong ball and try to bounce it into a cup. When they bounce the ball into their cup, they will need to drink from it and then refill it.

Each player must drink from their cup if they land the ball in the center cup. The cup must be flipped over to drink. It’s important to flip the cups quickly because the last player to flip their cup will have to drink from the center cup.

You will have to drink from another player’s cup if the ball bounces into it. The ball will move to the player on your left if it misses a cup. In any case, if a player catches the ball before it hits the ground, then they will go next.

And the game is on and in the first round Austin wins and the funny thing is that Austin wins the second time the game was very funny. everyone was having a lot of fun after that Shammi told that he had practiced this game but he still lost.

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Before proceeding further we would like to inform you that Shammi has launched its VL-O Vitavaps. Some of you might be wondering what exactly is VL-O VITAVAPES, hence it is the first company to launch 100% legal vaping in Australia. not only do we want to get people away from the bad habits of smoking nicotine but we also wanted to give people the freedom of smoking wherever and whenever they want guilt-free so these are our first four select flavors we’ve got GOGO which is lemonade flavored we’ve got SLOMO one which is mint flavored, YOLO the energy drink flavored one and our very first collaboration between uncut and VL-O the grape flavored one now this probably gonna sound a little biased but Shammi favorite grape flavor.

After that, Shammi and his friends do more drinking competitions like who will finish the beer first, who will drink two bottles of beer together, not only two but this competition lasted for 3 bottles. And you won’t believe Austin not only won the rest of the challenge but also completed the challenge of drinking 3 bottles of beer at once.

Realty Austin did an amazing job This match took place between Austin and Shammi’s friend, so when this was happening, Shammi got the bar set up to finish the beer quickly. But he could not do it well, he asked for a month’s time and said that he would finish two bottles at a time by learning its technique after some time.

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