Shammi did a fake car salesman prank


Shammi did a fake car salesman prank

Shammi did a fake salesman prank Shammi tells us how he survived getting arrested in the earlier blog. When they doing a stalk crawl is pretty much a pub crawl except instead of drinking at the pub we drink at stores we went to four stores in total got kicked out of them all after that Shammi gives a task to his friend and in that task, Shammi’s friend has to become a car salesman and go to someone else’s shop and sell his cars. Shammi himself chooses his friend’s clothes for this work, after which they all go to Austin and practice selling a car to Austin.

After practicing, they go out to prank a car showroom and on the way first, they fill the air in their car and share something about the car and laugh and joke they reach the car showroom.They can make the prank in a good place so they just go to find a place to set the mic and then all they have to do is play the waiting game, Shammi thinks he has found a great place, after that he almost Waited 15 minutes and no customers came to buy.

Then he gives himself five minutes and he says if he can’t find a customer, he has a backup plan, Austin will go in as a buyer and Will have to wait until a legitimate dealer comes across then Blake will go and deal and try to steal the business and hope they can prank.

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So even after waiting 5 minutes, that customer does not come, then Shammi has to use his backup plan. Then the same happens as Shammi told about the plan. Austin poses as a buyer and waits for a legitimate seller as he contacts them. Enter Blake, our fake car dealer. Blake tries to sell the car to Austin and the first legitimate seller thinks the two people have come to buy the car, but when he learns that one of them is trying not to sell the car, he’s much more than enough.

Feels strange and he asks blake what he is trying to do. Blake fools him by saying that he has already joined 1 week ago, but when his leader arrives, he learns how he has been fooled. And before he can catch blake, blake gets out of it. It was all so funny to watch! Realty Austin and Blake had fun.

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