Shammi did a pillow fight challenge


Shammi did a pillow fight challenge

In this blog, Shammi does pillow fight challenge, challenge is such a category that is most enjoyable. I hope you enjoy reading this, with this you are welcome in today’s blog of Bulletin Expert.

So it starts with removing the hair of the eyebrows, yes you heard it right, Shammi does this feat with his friend. And after that Shammi thinks of doing it with jane but Jane does not allow Sammi to do this at all. And Shammi runs back to catch Jane but Jaden does not come to Shammi’s hands, so after that, both of them decide on a pillow fight.

So Shammi says that a long piece of wood is placed over the swimming pool. Both of us will climb on it from different sides and we will have a pillow in our hands, with the help of which we will have to drop each other into the water, whoever falls in the water first will be defeated. And whoever wins this challenge will get 1000 bucks as a winning price.

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Pillow fight start

After this, the preparation for the challenge starts and there is a problem as soon as the preparation starts, the piece of wood that was to be applied to the swimming pool was as long as the width of the swimming pool, but if this challenge is to be done properly, then a little longer than this. wanted to be But as you know Shammi, he still starts the challenge and we see what was expected, both of them fall into the water as soon as they walk on it.

It was all very funny, there is a very good competition between the two, sometimes Shammi wins and sometimes jane. The match was going on as a tie, with the last round left, both Shammi and Jaane were excited to win. When the last round begins, sometimes Shammi hit Jane and sometimes Jane hit Shammi and this is what Shami dodged Jane’s attack Jane got a clear hit by Shammi, and Jaane fell into the water, with this Shammi won the challenge.

But the challenge did not end there as after this Jane makes an offer to Shammi with a double or nothing offer. It means Shammi and jane will have another match and if Shammi loses in this match then jane will not have to give 500 bucks to Shammi and if Shammi wins then jane will have to pay double 1000 bucks to Shammi And Shammi accepted the offer.

After this, the match starts once again, who will win Shammi or Jane. Both of them are more alert this time than before, keeping their balance on the wood, while fighting between the two, trying to drop each other in the water, but this time jane did it he hit Shammi and Shammi fell first in the water. jane won this match against Shammi and he has also saved 500 bucks.

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