Shammi did the Ice Bath challenge on Austin’s birthday


Shammi did the Ice Bath challenge on Austin’s birthday

Once again welcome all of you to our new blog titled Happy Birthday Austin. As you all must have come to know from the title itself that is what we have talked about inside this blog. So let’s see how Shammi celebrated Austin’s birthday and also know what gift Shammi gave to Austin.

The day starts with a task and the task consists of having an iced drink and taking an ice bath After listening to this task, Shammi tells that it is a hot day, yet he does not feel like going to the swimming pool and now in this task, he has to drink ice drinks in this matter Shammi further says this is his biggest nightmare.

After this, the task starts and everyone feels very cold, Austin already comes out because of the cold but he tries again and comes out again. Shammi performs the task very well and after suffering a lot of cold, he wins the task. And after this, Shammi announces another challenge that after this he will do a challenge in which he will sit inside the sauna and eat the world’s hottest burger.

If Shammi does this challenge, then it will be really interesting to see how Shammi can eat such a hot burger while sitting in the sauna. As soon as this challenge happens, we will immediately give you complete information about what happened on that day.

Shammi then tells us that Austin is his best friend, he has always had a lot of fun with Austin, so on a special day like Austin’s birthday, Shammi gives Austin a Rolex watch as a gift. And Austin’s reaction was very amazing, at first Austin and everyone else there doubted Shammi, thinking that Shammi was doing some mischief with him, but when Austin opened his birthday present.

Then he learns that Shammi is not doing any prank. Shammi has actually brought a gift for him, that too a Rolex watch. Austin is very happy with this and he hugs Shammi and tells that he liked his gift very much.

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