Shammi did the spin dare challenge in a silent library


Shammi did the spin dare challenge in a silent library

All of you are welcome in Shammi’s new article whose title is. Spin the Dare Challenge in Silent Library Inside this challenge is that Shammi makes a wheel. on which ruler slap, cake face, lemon in the eye, chili, mousetrap, wax, and Nipple cripple is made on the wheel.

After this everyone goes to a silent study place and begins to spin the dare challenge in the silent library. If you are wondering how this game work is quite simple you spin the wheel whatever it lands on you have to do.

Shammi starts the game and spins that wheel and that wheel arrow stops on chili and Shammi has to eat chilies the interesting thing is that eating chilies is not a big deal, eating chilies in a silent library is a big deal.

Shammi was feeling chilly in his mouth but he could not make a sound as he was sitting in a silent library. And then it is Shammi’s friend’s turn, he spins the wheel and the arrow stops on the wax. Putting a strip of Veet on Shammi’s friend’s leg and removing his leg hair.

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Shammi’s friend’s reaction was worth watching After this it is Austin’s turn and Austin gets the cake face task and it was very funny to see Austin slam the cake himself in the face. After this it is the turn of a friend of Shammi who gets the task, go among the people sitting there, holding the books in their hands and pretending to fall and he does this task very well.

Now once again Shammi’s turn comes back, this time it was not going to be easy because this time Shammi had to keep his finger in the mousetrap and don’t forget that no matter how much pain Shammi is feeling, it is not allowed to shout because He is sitting in the silent library. But Shammi completes his task without shouting.

After this lemon in the eye, Nipple cripple all these tasks are done. But a problem would have arisen, due to all these tasks, the rest of the people were getting into trouble, which the authority there did not like and they refuse Shammi and his friends to play this game. Shammi also agrees to his point and ends the game anyway, all the tasks were over.

And in the same way, this day ends, we hope that all of you have enjoyed this blog of ours, as well as another blog in which Shammi does Australia Day Challenge – Time for fun

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