Shammi Experiment went wrong


Shammi Experiment went wrong

Shammi Experiment went wrong

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi Experiment went wrong so stay with us Inside this blog, Shammi does an experiment on Austin which went wrong. Shammi explains that Austin has an injury in his back, due to which he uses deep heat. So when Austin was using Deep Heat A thought comes to Shammi’s mind to check what happens if he pours extremely hot sauce on Austin’s back in exchange for deep heat.

Shammi wanted to know whether extremely hot sauce also works like deep heat or not. That’s why Shammi does an experiment, instead of deep heat on Austin’s back, he applies extremely hot sauce. and sees if extremely hot sauce will also work like deep heat or not. After this Shammi applies hot sauce to Austin’s back and at first Austin does not feel any burn.

but after a while, Austin feels very intense itching and burning. Austin jumps into the swimming pool to deal with the itching and burning on his back. As soon as Austin comes out from inside the swimming pool, he feels the burning and itching again. After this, Shammi and Dim are talking and Shammi tells them that he wants to have a dog.

Shammi plays a challenge that blackey has created

To which Dim says yes you can keep a guard dog then Shammi says that he wants to see how it feels to play with the dog. For this, he tells Dim to become a dog and Dim becomes a dog for Shammi. Shammi also asks Dim to perform some tricks like rolling over and bringing the ball back. After all this, Shammi makes up his mind to get a dog.

After all this, Shammi, Paulie, Dim, Blackey, and Austin play a challenge that blackey has created. All you have to do in this is that you have to take a beer, put it on top of the basketball and make it bounce. After this, when the ball bounces, the beer placed on it will also rise rapidly, you have to catch it and then drink it.

If someone is not able to hold the beer bottle and the bottle goes somewhere else, then the one who is with the bottle at that time will have to catch the bottle with one hand. Mostly everyone does this challenge except Paulie and best performs it dim with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

Shammi’s Dangerous Tightrope Challenge

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