Shammi fools Jayden


Shammi fools Jayden

Shammi doing a balloon challenge

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi fools Jayden so stay with us Inside this blog, Shammi invites Austin, Jayden, and Blakey to the balcony and offers them a chance to win a reward of five thousand dollars. Shammi puts the washing basket on a table and tells all the boys what they have to do in the challenge.

Shammi says that They will have to lay on his back near the washing basket placed on the table after that a straw will be given to him then after that When Shammi throws the balloon in front of their faces, they have to blow it up and if they manage to get it inside the basket, They will win $5000 dollars. First of all, Austin does yes to this challenge and starts the challenge Austin lay on his backside near the basket.

Then Shammi drops the balloon on Austin’s face Then Austin blows it up but it doesn’t fall into the basket. Similarly, Austin tries 4 more times but he fails every time. Austin gets annoyed with this, Shammi says that the wind is blowing more today so it is a little difficult and there is a reward of 5000 dollars Challenge should be a little difficult. After Austin, now it is the turn of Blakey, blakey also fails in his five attempts and also gets frustrated.

Jayden's whole face gets wet with water

At last, it’s Jayden’s turn and Jayden is more confident than Austin and Blakey, lays on his back, and begins the challenge. But like the rest, Jayden also fails continuously in your 4 Attempts, after all, four Attempts of Jayden, the real fun comes. When Shammi throws the balloon on Jayden’s face for the fifth time, it is not filled with air, the balloon is full of water and falls directly on Jayden’s face.

Jayden’s whole face gets wet with water. At the end of the challenge, it is revealed that Austin and Blakey were also with Shammi in pranking Jayden. And this was the best part of the video, it was fun watching Jayden’s reaction was worth watching Jayden gets angry and kicks the table. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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