Shammi got angry and destroy his backyard


Shammi got angry and destroy his backyard

Shammi destroy his backyard

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi got angry and destroy his backyard so stay with us In this blog, we will see how Shammi got the Halfpipe built in his backyard and what was the difficulty he had to face for this work. Shammi says that when I bought this place, it came with the playground, he says that he likes the playground very much but now he has to disassemble it because he says to make a halfpipe in it.

For this, Shammi starts the work of dismantling the swing in the playground so that space can be made for the halfpipe. Shammi and everyone else are very fond of breaking the swing, after that, they break more swings so that as much space can be made for the Halfpipe. Shammi does not have tools to break the rest of the swings, so blakey goes to the store and brings the tools, after that he breaks the remaining swings.

Ashley Wild Ramps

Shammi with his Halfpipe

After finishing all the work, it was time to meet with the crew of the Ashley Wild ramp Who comes to Shammi’s backyard to build a Halfpipe. Shammi asks Austin which trick will do first after making Halfpipe, to which Austin replies 360-degree flip. You already know that when it is your turn to do mischief, Shammi never backs down.

Something similar happened when the crew of Ashley Wild Ramps came to make Shammi’s halfpipe. Shammi also does a prank with him, in which he acts to measure the place by taking a measuring tape, this prank is not as simple as it seems because all of Shammi, Austin, and Blakey are mixed in it. it was fun to watch.

After a few hours, the team finishes their work, then Shammi and Austin go skating on the halfpipe. Shammi likes this a lot. After this, it is painted and worked. I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

Austin becomes a beautiful girl

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