Shammi got his child


Shammi got his child – A child who looks like Shammi

Shammi has got her baby Yes you are thinking right how can this happen. Let’s find out. So it happened that a female friend of Shammi gave a photo to Shammi. That photo was of a child who looked exactly like Shammi.

When Shammi’s friends see the pic they think the same about that. That the child seen in that photo looks like Shammi. But Shammi made everything clear that this is not his child. it was just his friend’s joke.

Hot wings Chalenge

After all this laughing joke. The Crispy Hot Wings Challenge begins with 8 hot sauce bottles ranging from mild to super hot. In the Hot Wings Challenge, Shammi and his friends sit in a line with him. To avoid chili burning, water and milk are kept on the table. Before the Hot Wings Challenge begins, Shammi’s friends mix vinegar in his glass of water.

When Shammi drinks the water is kept in the glass which had vinegar. Shammi spits that water in the same glass as soon as he drinks that water. Everyone else is very happy after doing this condition Shammi.

So the Hot Wings Challenge begins. And all this has to be done is that everyone has to take one piece of chicken. And there is food from mild to super hot sauce. And the one who will sit here till the end and who eats chicken wings with all sauces mild to super hot will win.

Everyone completes this challenge very well. Although in the end, everyone’s condition gets worse also everyone enjoys it very much. In the end, everyone gets upset with chilly sauces and takes a bath in the swimming pool. And it was fun to watch.

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