Shammi host’s Balloon dart challenge


Shammi host’s Balloon dart challenge

All of you are welcome in Shammi’s new article whose title is. Balloon Darts Challenge. The challenge is such a category that is most enjoyable. I hope you enjoy reading this, with this you are welcome in today’s blog of Bulletin Expert. In this challenge, they played balloon darts now each of these balloons has a dare inside and I’m the only one that knows what that dare is so we have Austin, blakey, and Paulie.

How this game work is quite simple you stand behind the line throw a dart at the ballon whatever dare comes out of the ballon you have to do and don’t try to get out of this by missing. If you miss you’re just to keep going till you hit and If you miss the target 3 times in a row then Shammi will slap them in the face.

And with this comes the first turn Austin and Austin misses the target 3 times to the balloon, so as the rule of the game, whoever misses the target 3 times in a row, he will slap, then following the rule Shammi slaps Austin. Before proceeding further, I want to tell you that if you want to read about more similar challenges of Shammi, then click here.

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But the next time Austin hits the right target and comes out of the balloon with 500 dollars and Austin gets the money, After seeing this Blakey also jumps into the game. Now it’s the turn of Blakey and Blakey succeeds, the courage comes out inside the balloon to aim. In which it is written that Blakey will have to lick Nutella by placing it on Josh’s head.

Next comes Paulie’s Paulie, just like Austin, misses the target three times, after which he takes a slap and tries again. This time his dart hits the balloon and he gets the dare, It is written in that dare to cut bamboo with the help of karate chops And he completed his dare, Pauli broke that bamboo with the help of karate chops.

Then, it’s Austin’s turn again, and this time Austin hit the balloon in the first place. This gives Austin a dare, in which Austin has to put on the shoes used by Shammi and drink beer. Austin barely meets this dare. Paulie’s last turn and Paulie also hit the balloon, then Paulie dares to put mayonnaise in your ear. Can you imagine? Can you do this task, I could not do it, but Paulie completed this task.

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