Shammi hosts Deal or NO Deal Game


Shammi hosts Deal or NO Deal Game

Shammi hosts Deal or NO Deal Game

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi hosts Deal or NO Deal Game so stay with us Inside this blog, Shammi has hosted a game which he named Deal and No Deal In this game, Shammi has taken pieces of cardboard on which the number from one to ten is written.

So first of all let us tell you that Shammi has kept some pieces of cardboard on which the number from one to ten is written, the person whom Shammi will call, that person will have to choose any one piece from those pieces of cardboard. When that person has selected a piece from them, then that selected cardboard will be turned over to see how many dollars the reward is on it.

When a piece of cardboard is turned over, it has two layers, one layer with the prize written on it and the other layer below it with the task written on it. Before knowing what is written on the second layer, you have to choose a deal or no deal. If you chose Deal that means that you have to know what is written on the second layer and you are ready to do the task.

Blakey talk to Pizza Hut for five minutes nonstop without using the word pizza

To get the reward, that person will be given a task, if that person does that work, then the reward will be his and if he fails to do the task, he will not be given the reward. Shammi has kept a reward of up to five thousand dollars inside it, now it has to be seen who will be the lucky person who will take away this money.

Austin, Blakey, and Jayden arrive to play this game, the first of which Shammi calls Blakey to choose a Number. blakey chose the number four, which when looked back, showed a reward of 500 dollars on it blakey selected the deal, and his second layer is removed, which says that blakey needs to call Pizza Hut and talk for up to 5 minutes but they can’t use pizza word while talking.

After this, Blakey calls on pizza hut and talks to him for 5 minutes, in the beginning, it seems that Blakey will not be able to do this for long, but in the end, Blakey manages to do this and wins a reward of 500 dollars Blakey’s talk was very funny. In today’s blog, only that tomorrow we will know which challenges are in front of Austin and Jayden, stay with us till then to win the prize and show us your support. Thank you.

Austin’s hand started bleeding because of Shammi’s trick

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