Shammi made his own fruit Ninja game


Shammi made his own fruit Ninja game

Shammi made his own fruit Ninja game

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi made his own fruit Ninja game so stay with us You must have often seen Shammi playing some fun games, many of which are made by Shammi or his friends. Even today we will talk about one such game which was made by Shammi.

Before playing the game, Shammi tells us who is going to play with him and what stuff he has brought to play it. Shammi tells that Jackson, Marty, and Michael are going to play this game with him and he has brought 5 to 6 liters of oil, a 10 by 2-meter Tarp, and 150 pieces of fruits.

Shammi further tells that we will lay the top and pour oil on it, after that we will form two teams of two people each and one team has to go from one side to the other on that top. And the other team has to stop them with the help of fruits by hitting them with fruits. and one more thing is the tarp is laid on some angle and you have to run from the bottom up.

I know some of you must be thinking that this is a waste of fruits, let me clear those people that the fruits Shammi used to play this game are out of date. Shammi and everyone else put all the things in their place to play the game, after all the work is over, the game starts. So in the two teams that were left, one team consisted of Shammi Jackson and the other team consists of Marty and Michael.

Shammi, Jackson, Marty, and Michael are going to play Fruit Ninja Game

First of all, it is the turn of Shammi and Jackson, Shammi tries to run into that tarp but he is so slippery that whatever he tried was useless to cross it. Marty and Michael also attack him several times with fruits, to stop him, the same was the case with Jackson. Both Shammi and Jackson were unsuccessful to run on the tarp.

After Shammi and Jackson, it is the turn of Marty and Michael. Marty and Michael also have a lot of trouble running on him, but after a lot of effort, Michael manages to climb up on him.

After this, to make the game more difficult, they play three-on-one in which Shammi runs alone on the tarp, and Jackson, Marty, and Michael together stop them by hitting fruit on them. And have to say it was more fun alone than playing in the team and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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