Shammi makes an underground hideout in his basement


Shammi makes an underground hideout in his basement

Shammi makes a cool underground hideout in his basement

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi makes an underground hideout in his basement so stay with us Inside this blog, Shammi comes up with the idea that he should build an underground hideout in his house. Let’s start the blog and know how Shammi got this idea and how did he work on this idea.

Shammi explains that when he was going to the storage room in the morning, he had an idea of how fun it would be to turn this place into an underground hideout. And when Shammi talks about an underground hideout he means a games room a candy bar or just a complete makeover.

I know some people may find this crazy, but we all know Shammi, they find such works exciting and you too that’s why you here reading all this, and thank you for that. Shammi’s store room was very dirty due to being built below the house, so first of all, Shammi cleans it. After cleaning, Shammi had to build a wall to make a separate room inside it.

To make a beautiful wall Shammi takes some boxes and joins them together with the help of tape and paints them green. It takes three days for Shammi to build his underground hideout but Shammi is happy that the work is finally over. And then Shammi shows us his underground hideout as Shammi said in the very beginning.

Jayden Drops Josh In The Pool He Made In His Room in the Underground hideout

Shammi’s underground hideout consists of a game room and a candy bar. It was nice to see the candy bar and the game room, Shammi and Jayden sit inside and play games too. Everyone had their own rooms in this underground hideout, now we know which room belongs to whom.

The game room in which he was playing the game belongs to Jayden, the room with the candy bar is for Shammi and another room is for Josh. There is a pool inside Josh’s room on which Shammi and Jayden tease him a lot because it is winter time, what is the need for a pool in this.

But Josh liked it and while talking like this, Jayden drops Josh in that pool. Josh suddenly comes out of the pool because it was so cold I feel bad for josh but it was really funny at the same time. and with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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