Shammi opened a free fuel station for every one


With the current price of fuel, Shammi decided to open the world’s first free fuel station Shammi giving away over five thousand dollars worth of fuel. For this purpose, Shammi takes his 2 cars and 70 empty cans and goes to the fuel station after reaching it, now Shammi starts filling fuel in the empty can.

It was a very slow process as filling fuel in cans is a little more difficult than filling fuel in cars and it is obviously a long process when it comes to 70 empty cans. In 10 minutes, only $ 600 worth of fuel was filled. Shammi said it is painful for my hand but at the same time Shammi was seen doing bicep exercises with cans.

Shammi not only filled the cans with fuel but also filled the cars of other customers who visited him. One such lucky customer was a cool old man Shammi filled fuel in his car and gifted him his t-shirt too.

After this, Shammi installed the World First Free Fuel Station on the side of a road and filled people’s vehicles with fuel. Shammi and everyone else enjoyed it a lot, some people who were filling fuel at Shammi’s fuel station for free of them, gave beer and chips to Shami.

After this, Shammi did some fun talking with his friends in the swimming pool, he told that he had a lot of fun helping people today and he praised the Australian people a lot, Shammi appreciate people offering him a beer as a thank you, and Shammi liked it.


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