Shammi plays the Celebrity Heads


Shammi plays the Celebrity Heads

Shammi plays the Celebrity Heads

All of you are welcome to this new blog titled Shammi plays the Celebrity Heads so stay with us In this blog As you all know, as much as Shammi loves to prank, he also enjoys playing different types of fun games. In this blog, we are going to talk about one such fun game. So the name of this game is Celebrity Heads, I hope you must have heard about this game before.

And if you’re hearing about this game for some reason for the first time, don’t worry. I am going to tell you all the rules of this game, believe me, it is very easy to play this game. To understand this, suppose you have a group of four people, then every three of you together have to think of a celebrity name for your fourth member of your group.

And you have to do this again and again so that where all four of you can be named after a celebrity. And in this way, everyone has to tell which celebrity he or she is. and to tell Each participant may ask the audience one ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question at a time. The participants continue to ask questions until they have correctly identified the celebrity.

Shammi has a lot of fun in this game and will not believe that Shammi plays this game very well

The first participant to correctly identify the name of their celebrity wins. Continue until everyone has guessed their identity. So now let’s start with what happens when Shammi and his friends play this game. Play this game with Shammi, his younger brother Jayden, his ex-girlfriend Paige and his friend Lacci.

Shammi has a lot of fun in this game and will not believe that Shammi plays this game very well, he tells very quickly what his friends have made him. And The way everyone asks the question to know the name was very funny, the question and answer part is the funniest part of the video.

Shammi’s ex-girlfriend comes last in this game, we have put the video of this game below so that you too can enjoy this funny video of Shammi. thanks my dear friends for supporting us And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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