Shammi plays the interesting childhood game


Shammi plays the interesting childhood game

Austin and Jayden play the capture the flag game

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi plays the interesting childhood game so stay with us You must have heard about your capture the flag game and maybe you have played it with your friends, but if you do not know about it, then do not worry, we will tell you about it.

So Shammi plays it like this, Shammi makes two teams one team has Jayden and Austin and the other team has Blackey and Shammi, And as you know now, there are two people on every team. Both the teams have their own bases, one base is near a tree inside Shammi’s yard and the other is in the backyard of Shammi’s house.

Now we tell you how to play this game, each team will have a red flag placed on the base which is with them. The teams will have to go to each other’s side and bring that red flag. With this, you have to save the flag of your base from the enemy team, the team that saves his flag from being captured and captures the flag of the other team will win.

The game begins and Shammi makes a strategy in which he tries to reach his yard through his neighbor’s yard. On the other hand, Jayden’s strategy is that he will go straight to the base of the enemy team, avoiding the eyes of the enemy. Shammi reaches Jayden’s base where he finds Austin guarding his base flag.

Shammi manages to escape with the flag by dodging Austin and thus Shammi and Blackey’s team wins the first round. Meanwhile, Jayden was also successful in reaching Shammi’s base, but before he captures the flag there, he already gets the bad news that Shammi has taken the flag from his base and Austin fails to stop Shammi.

Shammi plays the interesting childhood game

Jayden Gets Very Angry At Austin On which Austin assures Jayden that he will perform better in the next round then after this both Jayden and Austin together make a new strategy to win the next round. In the second round, Jayden and Austin go together to capture the flag and on the other hand, Shammi, this time stops at his base and blackey goes to capture the flag.

Like Shammi, blackey also manages to capture the flag but this time it was not the one who managed to capture the flag. Jayden and Austin also capture the flag from Shammi’s base. Shammi being alone cannot stop them both, Shammi runs after Jayden but he is unable to catch Jayden, there is a tussle between the two teams and in this Jayden’s team wins.

The last round is left and the score is equal, whichever team will win this round, that team will win this game. This time everyone tries to play the game in a different way, both the team members keep hiding and looking for the right time. Meanwhile,  Meanwhile, when Austin sees that Shammi and Blackie are moving away from their base.

Austin takes advantage of the opportunity and manages to capture their flag. When Shammi comes to know about this, he hides in the bushes to tag Austin but unfortunately, he is unable to tag Austin and Austin reaches his base safely. Shammi had already captured the flag of Austin’s base and now he runs towards his base without wasting any time.

For Shammi not reaching his base, Jayden runs after Shammi to catch him and if Jayden caught Shammi then Shammi and blackey would have lost the game. But Jayden is unable to catch Shammi and Shammi reaches his base and saves him from being defeated.

In the end, both the teams have a lot of fighting, sometimes blackey tags Austin, and sometimes Jayden tags Shammi but in the end, Austin and Jayden win the game and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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