Shammi Prasad and his team launched Inhalers

Shammi prasad

Shammi Prasad and his team launched inhalers that’ll have you saying ‘Awesome’. The flavors will leave you speechless; remembering epic adventures and the best nights of your life!

These inhalers have 4 different flavors as YOLO, SLOMO & many more, they are not harmful and totally legal as said by Shammi and his team, you can checkout as well.

These are some features of these Energy Drink Inhalers:-

  • 40% PG & 60% VG (approx.)
  • Ready to puff
  • Disposable, 300 puffs (approx.)
  • Does NOT contain nicotine (0mg)
  • Device engraved with ZERO NICOTINE for free use with no restrictions

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