Shammi Prasad merry Christmas Funny Video


Shammi Prasad was born in the city of Brisbane, Australia on February 1, 1993. Recognized simply as Shammi, he is a prank and social experiment content creator. His videos have been viral many times from his Facebook account. He had earned more than 5 million followers on his Facebook account. He would frequently collaborate with Jackson Odoherty on video content. The initial video he ever posted to his Facebook account was from February of 2014. “That feeling the Day before Pay Day!” was its name. Shammi is a social media influencer well known for his social experiments, vlogs, and pranks. He lives in Queensland. Shammi’s house is situated in Clear Island Waters, close to Leilani Park.
Shammi Prasad is famous for his vlogs, pranks, and social experiment.1-Shammi Prasad was born in the city of Brisbane, Australia, alongside his sibling Jayden.
2-He has nearly 1 million followers on YouTube and beyond 1 million followers on Instagram.
3-He attempted to make a Vine account but did not get accepted or he did not know how to create it.
4-Shammi got into a dispute with the laws because of his pranks in Seaport hotel and Melbourne Cup Prank.
5-He has a net worth of around $13 million as of 2021.
6-Shammi and Drew Phillips are both famous YouTubers popular for their challenges and prank videos.

shammi prasad merry christmas

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