Shammi Prasad NEW HOUSE TOUR!!


Up, guys, we might get one more good news, guys. We are no longer homeless. Come take a look at my new place. Big doors for a small guy.

This is our first bedroom You know, this bedroom will come in very handy because we’ll no longer have people waking up on the couch. We’ve now got a designated room for them. So we’ve got six bunk beds here.

my bedroom As you can see, it’s quite spacious. I’m all about space and Privacy, so this works perfectly for

We’ve got a nice large walk-in wardrobe. I think my mother likes this room more than I do myself.

the bathroom every time I show him I made this room, they think of Pablo Escobar on Barba outside my bedroom.

I guess that’s just called the Star room. Now, I’m sure this space has been used an awful lot. As you can see, we’ve got sports TV here We’ve got a knife entertaining section As you know, from our last place, we have plenty of girls dancing at the pool table.

the dining room I don’t think this room will ever use that

the kitchen His kitchen number one, just like the dining room. I don’t think this area would be used much because I’ve never

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