Shammi Prasad Podcast:- From Plumber to Shammi Vlogs


From his previous life as a plumber to now working alongside Shammi the uncut crew / Makin Memories crew, we chat to him about everything in between.

Shammi Prasad(born February 1, 1993) is a popular and famous Facebook personality. His nickname is Simply Sammi. He is really famous for his prank, challenge, and vlog videos. His videos have gone viral multiple times in the Facebook community.

His viral videos have given him fame all over other social media platforms. He has over 140,000 followers on Facebook and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. He is also really famous on his Instagram with over 1 million followers.

He is famous for sharing vlogs, pranks, challenges, and regular Q and A’s with his brother. His famous videos include pranking his brother. Discover Shammi’s height, weight, age, net worth, relationship, and full bio down below.

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