Shammi Prasad Team Vs Marty and Michael Team


Coming out this weekend on the University of Marchal website… F***ed Dodgeball! We team up against the @shammiuncut boys and play an intense game of dodgeball.
We will try and get a social media version out on Monday but the full-blown 20-30 min episode will be put out on our website.

Marty and Michael

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Marty and Michael

Marty and Michael Fully have an estimated net worth of about $1 Million Approx. because of other side works rather than youtube and Facebook they earn around $1 Million. Well, it can be more than this because we did not know what business they do in actuality.

Well Marty’s Girlfriend’s name is Monique Lanai to whom Marty proposed recently and she said yes, now they are Happily Married, by the way, Monique is a Singer and Songwriter by profession. Marty has a step-daughter named Esta Lee Johnson, they are very happy with having each other

Michael’s relationship status is considered to be single but he’s been in a relationship before. His Ex-Girlfriend’s name is Sarah, yet we don’t have any other information regarding his past relationships.

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