Shammi recreates the viral TikTok challenges


Shammi recreates the viral TikTok challenges

Shammi and the rest are doing rock paper scissors for the challenge

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi recreates the viral TikTok challenges so stay with us Inside this blog the day begins and Shammi tells that when he woke up in the morning everything was fine but as soon as he turned his neck suddenly there was some kind of sound and now he has pain in his neck which hinders doing work. Hearing this, everyone suggests Shammi go to the physiotherapist so that there is no problem of any kind in the future.

Shammi tells that he will do all the four viral Tik Tok challenges today, for which two teams will be formed, one team will have Shammi and Chriddy and the other team will be Austin and Jayden. Whichever team completes more challenges will win and the team that loses will have to massage the winning team for 10 minutes.

First Challenge

The first challenge is something like this, in this challenge I have to roll the chocolate on the slab from one side and get it inside my mouth before falling down from the other side. Shammi finds this challenge the easiest challenge, so that’s why the first opportunity is given to Shammi but Shammi fails to do it, then Shammi realizes that it is not as easy as he thinks.

Everyone else does this challenge and everyone fails in it, so Shammi thinks of doing it until one of them completes it and after some effort, Jayden does this challenge.

Austin & Jayden – 1

Shammi & Chriddy – 0

Second challenge

In this challenge, a cup is to be placed in the middle of the slab and one person from both the teams will stand on either side of the slab, after that both the people have to fill the air in the balloon and make the cup fall from the slab to the other side with the help of balloon air.

The first match is between Austin and Chriddy, in which Chriddy wins, and the second is between Shammi and Jayden, in which Jayden wins. The last match is between Jayden and Chriddy between the winners, in which Chriddy wins.

Austin & Jayden – 1

Shammi & Chriddy – 1

Shammi fell while doing Tiktok challenge

Third challenge

In this challenge, a ball has to be dropped from a height on the slab and when it bounces, at the same time slide your hand from under it. And the one who is able to move his hand from under the ball more times will win. Here are all the total number of hand slides Chriddy – 14 Times, Jayden – 9 Times, Shammi – 7 Times & Austin – 10 Times With this the winning team of this round is Shammi and Chriddy.

Score with Austin & Jayden – 1

Shammi & Chriddy -2

Fourth challenge

In this challenge, a glass of water will be placed under the tap and as soon as the tap is turned on, water will have to drink all glass of water with the help of a straw, trying not to fill the glass to the top, Whoever does this for the longest time will win.

Here is everyone’s time, Shammi does the first try, Shammi does this for a whole minute, Austin and Chriddy also do this, only Jayden can’t do this. There is no conclusion from this challenge so both the teams do one last challenge with the help of their best player.

In this challenge, you have to take the balloon and the cup, you have to blow the balloon inside the cup and when the balloon is stuck from the glass, then lift the glass with the help of the balloon and keep the glass inside another glass.

The one who will do this challenge first will be the winner. In this challenge, there is a match between Austin and Chriddy in which Chriddy easily defeats Austin. With this Shammi & Chriddy won with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

Shammi tells Pauli to jump from the second floor

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