Shammi stole a golf buggy


Shammi stole a golf buggy

Shammi stole a golf buggy

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi stole a golf buggy so stay with us In this blog Today we will talk about the day when Shammi stole a golf buggy. Although stealing is a bad thing but it was fun Shammi enjoyed it a lot that day. So the day begins with Shammi going to the police station.

When Shammi loses his phone, Shammi goes to the police station for it. But with good luck, Shammi’s phone gets back to him. Now you must be thinking that how did Josh get that phone? So if you want to know how Josh got Shammi’s phone call, then for this we have given a link for you at the bottom of this blog.

You will find another article of ours on that link, in which you will know this. After Shammi finds his phone, he goes to see a big banana, and then he steals a golf buggy standing near it. Shammi and his friend drive the buggy, they take it on a downhill road. When they come to know that there is no break in this, both of them get very scared.

Shammi going to the police station

He felt that he would collide with someone, but by good luck, nothing like this happens. After this, Shammi goes to his friend who works in real estate. Shammi helps him in marketing. After helping Shammi, many people come to see his friend’s house. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

Do you want to see a fun race A race in which Shammi, Austin, and Jayden put their mind along with physical effort, this race is from Shammi’s house to the middle. This is no ordinary race. There is madness in this race. Click on the race to know more about it. And how Josh got Shammi’s phone will also be known in this race.

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