Shammi tells Pauli to jump from the second floor


Shammi tells Pauli to jump from the second floor

Shammi enjoys his Giant bouncy castle

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi tells Pauli to jump from the second floor so stay with us Inside this blog, we will see where Shammi took his McLaren and What Shammi said about his McLaren and other supercars along with Why does Shammi tell Pauli to jump from the second floor, we will get to know all this in today’s blog.

At the beginning of the day, Shammi tells that it has been raining for a few days, further he says that we live in a sunny state, still it is raining for a few days. He tells that it was hardly raining for the first few days but now it is raining every day And the bad thing is that when Shammi was watching the news, he was being told in the news that there is a possibility of rain daily in the next 6 months Shammi comes up with an idea after being overwhelmed by the rain at his house.

Shammi tells Austin that we do one thing, we put our Giant bouncy castle in our living room, and then we don’t need to go outside for fun and have fun inside the house. Austin and everyone else love the idea, they all help Shammi set up the Bouncy Castle inside the house. Air is filled inside the castle by bringing it inside, and after a while when it is filled with air. After that, now the time has come for fun.

Shammi is driving his McLaren to attend the show

Everyone had a lot of fun, Shammi shows some cool stunts after that Shammi challenges him to backflip and the one who will not be able to do the backflip will jump from the second floor of the house The challenge involves Shammi, Austin, and Paulie. Shammi and Austin do a backflip but Paulie misses out a bit so she has to jump from the second floor and Paulie does it.

He jumps that too in his own style Shammi is a bit nervous at first because Paulie had to jump from the second floor and the question in Shammi’s mind was will this bouncy castle handle this type of stunt. But Paulie does this stunt comfortably and nothing happens to Castle, then after seeing Paulie jump everyone jumps from the second floor and has fun. After doing all this, everyone starts feeling hot, so they all take a bath in the swimming pool.

After this, it is night now and Shammi had to go to a show, then Shammi takes out his McLaren to go there, then Shammi gives his viewers advice he tells that if you have a supercar then you have to start it 2,3 times a week It should be done by this the condition of the car remains good. Then Shammi goes to the show and enjoys the music there.

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