Shammi vs Austin Sumo fight


Shammi vs Austin Sumo fight

Shammi vs Austin Sumo fight

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi vs Austin Sumo fight so stay with us Inside this blog, Shammi explains that he never uses his sumo suits, so he organizes a Sumo Olympics in which Austin, Jayden, and Shammi participate. Shammi further explains that within this total we will play five challenges, whoever wins a challenge will get 1 point, and whoever loses will not get any point.

The first challenge is Javelin’s throw. Throw your spear as far as possible to wining, Shammi tries first but Shammi performs so badly, that Shammi throws his spear a short distance away. After Shammi Jayden throws the spear and Jayden throws his spear at twice the distance of Shammi in the last Austin’s turn to throw the spear and Austin throws even better than Jayden and with this Austin wins the first challenge.

More entertainment than losing and winning is to see everyone in sumo dress complete the challenge. The second challenge starts and in this challenge, the long jump has to be done, first goes to Austin to do the challenge, and then Jayden. Jayden jumps longer than Austin. Austin and Jayden do long jumps, but Shammi cannot do that, But Shammi is not able to do this, he comes running and is unable to jump, seeing him, Austin and Jayden laugh very much.

Jayden seems to be the best jump, so Jayden wins this challenge. After this, there is the third challenge Discus throw in which Jayden throws first, then Shammi, and then Austin, and Shammi wins this challenge and till now everyone had won the challenge once.

Shammi throws a spear in a Sumo dress

After this, there is the challenge of the high jump and if you have not seen sumo while jumping, then you must see it, everyone performs well except Jayden. Now the challenge that happens, if Jayden does not win, then he will be out of the game and then the game will be played between Austin and Shammi.

The name of this challenge is the time trial, in which a ball has been kept at a distance, you have to run from the starting line and bring that ball, who will do this work in less time he will win. Shammi first does this challenge and he takes 14.45 seconds to do this challenge. Then Austin Goes To The Challenge and he does this challenge in just 9.27 seconds.

Jayden has to do better than him and Jayden also does this Completes the challenge in just 8.30 seconds and with this Jayden wins the challenge. And now the time has come for the last challenge, it will be sumo wrestling and now when Jayden is also in the game, all three do rock paper scissors to play the last challenge.

The first match is between Austin and Shammi in which Shammi is defeated and with this, he is also out of the game, then there is a match between Jayden and Austin in which Jayden wins and finally, Jayden wins the whole game. and with that, this blog ends I hope you liked my narration also if you want to enjoy such funny blogs, click on the link given below.

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