Shammi Prasad recently arrived in Melbourne


Recently Shammi reached Melbourne from Sydney with his friends, it was a fun boys’ tour. As usual, as we know Shammi and his friends have started joking around. Whether it is singing a song like an opera singer or talking to a random girl at the airport

Shammi’s booking got rejected, but he has a backup plan

A problem arose as soon as I asked this Melbourne. The room booked by Shammi got rejected. But there is nothing to worry about as Shammi has a backup plan. He pretends that Dim had booked a room with his partner but he felt it. That we should do something fun, so they told Dim to pretend that they are a gay couple, this play was done by Dim and Josh.

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And the strange thing is that other members feel like they are gay couples. And they got to the room and after reaching all-boys drank beer. Everyone plays games, has fun, after that everyone goes to the club at night.

To Be Continue……..

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