Shammi’s birthday


As Shammi’s birthday comes on 1 Feb, on this special occasion, all the friends Shammi put together a surprise for him and this surprise was to give breakfast to Shammi on his bed but on a special birthday style and this moment was really very funny.

Shammi’s reaction to all this was very shocking. Shammi was very happy with his friends. After that Shammi gets ready to enjoy the rest of the day with his friends.

Later, all of Shammi’s friends use a helium balloon to sing a birthday song for Shammi. And it was very funny, everyone’s voice became very funny, the fun does not end there. after this Shammi and everyone else goes to the beach and in the journey that happens, everyone has a lot of fun drinking beer and singing.

After having fun on the beach, it is time to drink beer in the restaurant with friends and celebrate here. Shammi cuts his birthday cake and everyone talks about their memories for Shammi on his birthday, which he shared with Shammi.

Shammi’s friends thank him for being with him, for bringing a smile to his face to make people happy being with him, and wish for such good memories to be made in the future too.

The day doesn’t end here, at last Shammi gets his dream car Mclaren as a gift on his birthday. And Shammi buy this car himself, he took it on his birthday and he got all this and he could buy his dream car, he thanks all his fans from the heart.

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